Associate of Science in Business Administration

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Master of Business Administration

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

Doctor of Business Administration

University Catalog

Instuituional Learning Outcomes

  • ILO #1: Professional Effective Communication. Students will generate and develop capabilities for creative expression and effective communication in written and oral communication by composing papers and speaking in an academic language with an emphasis on the APA standard.
  • ILO #2: Information and Technology Literacy. Students will develop skills to effectively search for, critically evaluate, utilize relevant information, and conduct research to produce business decisions while demonstrating technological literacy.
  • ILO #3: Creative, Critical and Analytical Thinking. Students will develop critical and analytical thinking abilities, cultivate creative faculties that lead to innovative ideas, and employ pragmatic problem-solving skills.
  • ILO #4: Personal and Professional Development. Students will develop skills that aid in lifelong personal growth and success in the workplace.
  • ILO #5: Cultural Literacy and Social Responsibility. Students will be prepared to engage in a global world while exhibiting a broad sense of diversity, cultural awareness, social and ethical responsibility and stewardship.