Master of Business Administration in Data Analytics

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California Miramar University (CMU) introduces its STEM-designated Master of Business in Data Analytics program, heralding a new era in the strategic utilization of data. This cutting-edge curriculum helps students develop critical thinking skills while using the latest data analytics tools and techniques. Students will learn real-world strategic planning and leadership skills that are essential for success in data-centric careers.

MBA DA Program Core Courses – 27 Semester Credit Hours

Management Information Systems

Marketing for the Digital Age

Organizational Development and Change

Managerial Accounting

Managerial Economics

Managerial Finance and Financial Technologies

Operations Management

Human Resource Management

Business Planing Capstone


MBA DA Program Elective Courses – 12 Semester Credit Hours

Data Science and Analytics

Introduction to Programming with Python

Organization for Business Performance

Machine Learning


MBA DA Program Prerequisite Courses – 12 Semester Credit Hours

Principles of Accounting I

Principles of Microeconomics

Financial Management

Business Statistics


Accelerated 8-week live immersive classes are offered year-round, with a total of six enrollment periods.



Live class sessions are recorded so that you can review concepts as needed and for our online master’s students to avoid missing class lectures.


icons8-classroom-80-1Small Class Sizes

At California Miramar University, you’re more than a number. Class sizes average 15-20 students to provide personalized support.


icons8-grammar-80Extra Tutoring

One-on-one, small-group tutoring workshops, and study halls are available as needed to ensure you are progressing successfully through your course.


Masters Degree Programs

4 Years

Tuition per credit hour $585
Annual Tuition $11,408
Master Program Total Tuition $22,815


Effective September 1st, 2024

Tuition per credit hour $731
Annual Tuition $14,259.50
Master Program Total Tuition $29,599
Applying for an MBA in Data Analytics:
Applying for Bachelor Degree Program:

Applicants are required to send official transcripts from all schools attended directly to:  CMU, 3550 Camino Del Rio N., Suite 208, San Diego, CA 92108. A 2.0 GPA is required for admission.

Projected Earnings for MBA Data Science Graduates

MBA Program Learning Outcomes

MBA PLO #1: Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of theories and concepts of business administration.

MBA PLO #2: Perform data-driven and application-oriented explorations that apply critical thinking and analytical techniques to propose multiple outcomes.

MBA PLO #3: Demonstrate both oral and written communication skills in business and technical contexts.

MBA PLO #4: Design, evaluate, and implement operational strategic plans leading to practical solutions based on quantitative analytics of datasets.

MBA PLO #5: Extract and evaluate logical actionable insights from datasets and structures by applying computational, mathematical, and statistical tools and research techniques.

MBA PLO #6: Create and deploy methods of machine learning, optimization, and data science to build analytical models that support decision-making for business management.

Admissions Process for Masters

Why Get Your MBA in Data Analytics?

Data is the backbone of business strategy. Knowing how to work with data is an incredibly valuable skill in today’s competitive job market. Getting an MBA in Data Analytics will prepare you for a wide range of roles throughout the business world. Here’s why a Data Analytics MBA is a worthwhile graduate degree. 

Lead the Charge in the Data Revolution

Both the public and private sectors are increasingly reliant on data analysis to set goals and make important decisions. Advances in technology have also made it easier to collect data on a large scale. By getting an MBA with a data analytics focus, you’ll learn the skills you need to innovate in the data revolution. 

Transform Big Data into Strategic Insights

Our in-person and online MBA Business Analytics degree teaches the critical thinking skills you need to assess complex data sets and transform them into strategic insights. These important skills will prepare you for leadership roles and help you excel in the workplace. 

Maximize Earnings with Data-Driven Decision Making

Getting your MBA in Data Analytics online or in person is the first step to increasing your salary and achieving your financial goals. Data analysis and business intelligence are highly valued skills that are in high demand, so completing an advanced degree can help you maximize your earnings. 

Forge Valuable Connections in the Community

An integral part of MBA Data Analytics programs is networking with other business professionals. You’ll build valuable relationships that will continue even after you leave the program. Even if you opt for an online MBA in Data Analytics, you’ll still have opportunities to network and connect with others at CMU. 

Master Cutting-Edge Data Tools & Tech

Data mining and analytics technology are improving at a rapid pace with the help of machine learning and other exciting new innovations. In this degree program, you’ll learn how to use cutting-edge data tools that the world’s top companies are using. This gives you the skills you need to jump right into work as a data analyst or in a similar role.

Spearhead Business Growth with Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is the process of using data to predict and analyze future trends. This is a highly valuable skill that businesses around the world use to develop their strategy. Our MBA Data Analytics degree gives you the skills you need to apply predictive analytics in a business setting.

Unlock Opportunities in a Data-Centric World

Data is everywhere, and there’s a need for skilled data professionals in a wide range of industries around the world. Our in-person and online MBA Business Analytics degree program can help you unlock exciting new career opportunities wherever you end up. 

Start Your Career at California Miramar University

Get your MBA in Data Analytics with California Miramar University. We offer cutting-edge, STEM-focused courses in a flexible learning environment. We offer in-person, online, and hybrid classes so you can choose the learning style that works best for you. Start your MBA Data Analytics online application today to see where this exciting career
takes you!