President / CEO

President Gooyabadi, Ph.D. began his activities at California Miramar University (CMU) by working on developing “the strategic reengineering plan of CMU” from 2018. His professional life has started in the field of electrical and control engineering, moved into teaching in higher education institutes, evolved into large scale project management and matured into the strategic aspect of high-tech assimilation and talent development. He has held high-level executive positions in multinational corporations and has been conducting executive coaching on a regular basis since 2009. Dr. Gooyabadi could be called an educator, strategist, c-level executive, technology expert as well as an “edupreneur” with ample experience as a consultant, executive coach, mentor, professor and a businessman in the USA, the Middle East, and Asia region. Here is a brief review of his qualifications:

1. Ph.D. Degree in electrical engineering (Summa Cum Laude!), from the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA.
2. Ph.D. research in US Air-force Academy, Colorado Spring, USA based 3 years grant from NASA’s Center For Space Construction and Control
3. M.S. Degree in electrical engineering (Magna cum laude!), from the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA.
4. B.S. Degree in electrical engineering (Cum laude With Honors!), from the University of Colorado, Denver, USA.
5. More than 25 years of teaching at various universities in the USA, UAE, Singapore, and Iran.
6. Senior Member IEEE
7. In charge of many mega projects at a national level.
8. Development of Technology Strategic Programs for the advancement and assimilation of technology for the past decade at the national level.
9. His core specialty is in the area of Information and Communication Technology assimilation in government agencies.
10. Keen interest in Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), and Education 4.0.

He believes teaching is not a job but a passion of an individual who finds satisfaction in servitude an as such should be a meaningful activity of life. Teaching is sharing what you have been fortunate to have with those who could be empowered by it. A classroom should be viewed as a living entity in need of a positive atmosphere if the principal participants are to achieve their transcendental objectives. He teaches from his experience with a clear emphasis on the fact that he has been and continues to be passionate about life long learning/teaching philosophy. He believes that it is not a difficult task to educate those who have been top-notch students all their lives; however, it does take an ingenious individual to train those who are not as qualified but in need of training!

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