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We have students from all over the world, including Taiwan, China, Egypt, Iran, Jordan, Thailand, India, Great Britain, and New Zealand.


Come play college sports at Cal Miramar! We are now recruiting in San Diego and Los Angeles for baseball, basketball, golf, soccer, and softball.

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Compare CMU's Tuition for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

DeVry University: $ 72,000
Kaplan University: $ 69,000
University of Phoenix: $ 58,000
Strayer University: $ 58,000
California Miramar University (CMU): $ 39,000

Cal Miramar News: Men's Basketball

The athletic department welcomes Kayla Houston as head coach of Cal Miramar’s first softball team. The team will be located in San Diego giving the university the first women’s sport. Kayla’s coaching philosophy is simple. She stated, “give me your all and I will give you mine.” Kayla was a player and graduate of Western Michigan University where she received a B.S. degree in Public Relations and a minor in Gender and Women’s studies. Interested players are encouraged to contact Kayla. GO LADY TOMCATS!


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Student Testimonials

  • Thanks for skills and knowledge I gained from CMU!
    Sherry Patrice Gadson
  • As I wrap up the MBA program at CMU I realize that I owe the dedicated team at this fine university a sincere and favorable recommendation. I’m hopeful that I can convey my gratitude for making my experience truly exceptional. From my very first interaction with admissions I could immediately see that I was dealing with a very professional organization. The exact same person worked with me throughout the entire admissions process. This is quite different from some of the other universities that I was evaluating. I have since come to know many of the staff and they are very friendly and helpful. At the end of the day it comes down to the education received. I am impressed with the high quality professors. Collectively, this group is an incredibly talented team that combines academic credentials with global business experience. The decision to enroll is never an easy one. However, I liked the fact that CMU was located in California and that the tuition was affordable. Quite frankly, I was looking for value. I wanted the highest return on my investment as possible. I can say without question that I achieved more value than I ever thought possible. My experience at CMU has been exceptional. Thank you to the staff, the professors, and to my fellow students.
    Scott Bussing
  • I wish I had a chance to say a proper thank you in person for being such a fantastic professor, you have such enthusiasm and patience, I do not know how you are able to keep it up. Thanks for making me love Human resource Management. Really you are amazing and it is such a pleasure to learn from you. I am most grateful and I wish to take more classes with you.
    Rawan Abu-Jerise
  • I have enjoyed studying at CMU and would like to thank all the staff and faculty for being supportive always.
    Mohammed Akbar
  • I am currently about half way through my MBA program, and I am very pleased with the education I am receiving. The professors are always available to help in anyway they can, and with the small class sizes you really get the attention you need. Being a military family, the option to take classes completely online gives me the freedom to know I can continue my education wherever I may move. I highly recommend CMU to others hoping to further their education.
    Meagan Bartelt
  • My teachers are caring and super knowledgeable. They have all had great real world experience and can draw examples from their current or previous work making it easier to comprehend. The course work is intensive, but it won't overload you if you are working full time as well. I have a very busy schedule as a commercial insurance professional, but I am able to complete all assignments. One of the things I like the most is the small classroom size and that it is only 1 day per week. If you want to get an MBA without quitting your job, this is a good place to do it.
    Joe Erle
  • I enrolled in CMU's MBA program because I could balance it with my demanding job as a vice president for a local firm. They understand the time constraints we are under, and make it easy to learn and contribute online with their hybrid structure. I've been impressed with the instructors that have real-life executive experience, and made valuable contacts as well as good friends with my fellow-students.
    Annette Gregg
  • CMU is a great university!!! I’ve had access to excellent professors. They always make time for you and they are always accessible if you need them for extra help. Yes, coursework can be difficult sometimes, but the professors care about how you are doing in the class and want to ensure that you are absorbing the material. I’ve loved my professors and the classes I’ve taken here.
  • California Miramar University has been the best decision of my life and the greatest education investment I could have made! Here at CMU I realized that they treat me like an actual student with a name -  I'm not just another number on a list of students. To be able to be greeted by my first name by all the staff makes me feel loved. Thank you California Miramar University!
    Adriana Karina
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