Dr. Stan Foster

Vice President of Business Development and Marketing

Dr. Stan Foster has been destined to become a visionary strategic leader and entrepreneur ever since he was a teenager. He formed his first business when he was only 14 years old, his first corporation at 20, became a member of Vienna’s International Theatre at 21 and co-wrote and produced his first full length feature film which was directed by folk singer Pete Seeger’s son Dan, at the age of 24. Two years later he became a member of the prestigious Directors Guild of America (DGA). Dr. Foster had been fortunate to work on major Hollywood feature films and major television series. His film credits include pictures directed by Steven Spielberg and Danny DeVito to name a few. He was one of the first members of the DGA to utilize digital, nonlinear editing and computerized budgeting and scheduling technology that helped to revolutionize the motion picture and television industries.

In 2002, Dr. Foster formed the American Academy of Arts and became an advisor to Rancho Bernardo High Schools Digital Media program. Dr. Foster integrated Hollywood professionals into the program to mentor his film students with astonishing results. Dr. Foster was invited as a visionary to China by the Beijing Olympic Committee to present ideas of modern digital media education and production techniques. He appeared on China Television before an audience of more than 60 million viewers.

In 2004 Dr. Foster put together the investment group that purchased California Miramar University. The goal of the University has always been to offer a high-tech, high-quality, industry and technology relevant and affordable education at the Associate through Doctorate degree levels. The University has consistently produced highly qualified, effective and satisfied graduates. Under Dr. Foster’s leadership, CMU’s core asset has been and continues to be its ability to envision, explore and implement cutting edge educational innovations and technology that keep pace with the new demands of the modern postsecondary educational landscape. Dr. Foster realizes that many other colleges and universities simply dismiss, postpone or ignore these modern initiatives due to their institutional bureaucracy and complacency and as such has been a firm believer that CMU should be all about creating real and tangible value to its audience.

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