CMU Offers Data Analytics Education with STEM-Designated Master’s in Business

Coming Soon! CMU’s New Master’s in Business in Data Analytics: STEM

In a decisive move, California Miramar University (CMU) introduces its STEM-designated Master’s in Business in Data Analytics program, heralding a new era in the strategic utilization of data. This cutting-edge curriculum propels students into the heart of real-world applications, arming them with the latest tools and techniques to navigate the dynamic landscape of data analytics.

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This program is a testament to CMU’s unwavering commitment to academic excellence and practical skill development. In an era where data-driven decision-making reigns supreme, CMU ensures that its graduates are not only equipped with the latest advancements in analytics but are adept at applying them in ways that drive strategic outcomes.

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Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of theories and concepts of business administration.
  • Perform data-driven and application-oriented explorations that apply critical thinking and analytical techniques to propose multiple outcomes.
  • Demonstrate both oral and written communication skills in business and technical contexts.
  • Design, evaluate, and implement operational strategic plans leading to practical solutions based on quantitative analytics of datasets.
  • Extract and evaluate logical actionable insights from datasets and structures by applying computational, mathematical, and statistical tools and research techniques.
  • Create and deploy methods of machine learning, optimization, and data science to build analytical models that support decision-making for business management.