Military Students

California Miramar University is GI Bill® Approved

The following programs are eligible for VA benefits:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration

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Active Duty Member

We understand that sacrifices active duty members have to make to protect our nation but sacrificing an excellent higher education doesn’t have to be one of them here at CMU.

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Military Spouses & Dependents

It’s been said, “The hardest job in the military is that of the spouse and dependents.” CMU supports military families and the front line support they provide to our service members.

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We appreciate the leadership and commitment veterans have done to protect our nation. Therefore we strive to provide excellent and quality higher education for veterans looking to continue their education.

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Military Education Unit Pledge

CMU’s dedicated Military Education Unit (MEU) is made up of a dedicated team who understand military life and the challenges it can bring. Our devoted team has a close relationship with base commands, housing, and many other resources. Our military students can appreciate the support, personal touch and sensitivity to their unique needs and aspirations. Our pledge to each dedicated service member and their families is that CMU is committed to your education, your career and your personal endeavors.

CMU’s Commitment to Military Students

  • Support during deployments and other Military related life changes
  • Support for spouses and dependents
  • Special attention to Military financing needs
  • Provide convenient and accessible classroom and online learning environments
  • Available for one-on-one assistance anytime you need us

California Miramar University is classified as an Institution of Higher Learning,

and is approved by the

California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education (CSAAVE) to offer GI Bill educational benefits.

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