VA Approved Degree Programs

California Miramar University is classified as an Institution of Higher Learning,

and is approved by the

California State Approving Agency for Veterans Education (CSAAVE) to offer GI Bill educational benefits.

California Miramar University is GI Bill® Approved

The following programs are eligible for VA benefits:

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Science in Computer Information Systems
  • Doctor of Business Administration

CMU’s Commitment to Military Students

Military Education Unit Pledge

CMU’s dedicated Military Education Unit (MEU) is made up of a dedicated team who understand military life and the challenges it can bring. Our devoted team has a close relationship with base commands, housing, and many other resources.

Our military students can appreciate the support, personal touch and sensitivity to their unique needs and aspirations. Our pledge to each dedicated service member and their families is that CMU is committed to your education, your career and your personal endeavors.

  • Support during deployments and other Military related life changes
  • Support for spouses and dependents
  • Special attention to Military financing needs
  • Provide convenient and accessible classroom and online learning environments
  • Available for one-on-one assistance anytime you need us

Learn More About CMU for the Military Community

Active Duty Member

We understand that sacrifices active duty members have to make to protect our nation but sacrificing an excellent higher education doesn’t have to be one of them here at CMU.

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Military Spouses & Dependents

It’s been said, “The hardest job in the military is that of the spouse and dependents.” CMU supports military families and the front line support they provide to our service members.

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We appreciate the commitment from veterans to protect our nation. Which is why, we provide excellent and quality higher education for veterans looking to continue their education.

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  • I am active duty military and was looking for that one school to provide me with every opportunity to succeed. CMU was there to assist. Not only did they provide me with an affordable education and a schedule I could handle; they provided me with a degree that was exactly what I was looking for. My graduate degree in Strategic Leadership will boost my career and set me up for success in the civilian sector when I retire. Thank you CMU. - Dec. 13th 2017
    Tony Meadows, Active Duty
  • As a recent Navy veteran, CMU offered a convenient way for me to take advantage of my Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits while attending classes at the San Diego campus. Midway through my studies, I became forward deployed with my company, and I was able to finish my degree through CMU's online MBA program.  The university offers up-to-date curriculum with real-world case studies to help prepare any ambitious student for a successful career as a civilian. - Dec. 11th 2017
    Chad Clary, Veteran
  • I found California Miramar University to be a valuable place to use my GI Bill benefits and was able to complete the hybrid MBA program while working full time. The MBA coursework is challenging but manageable. I often find much of the MBA coursework quite useful in both my professional and personal life. California Miramar University has highly qualified professors and staff members. Classes often have students from several different countries all over the world, sometimes making the classroom feel more like a United Nations conference. Excellent experience overall. - Dec. 16th 2017
    Matthew Chaison, Veteran
  • I started my DBA program at CMU because other schools did not offer the classes that matched. It is good to know that I have a program that allows me to interact with my professors. I will recommend others to take the time to research and then chose CMU. - Dec. 15th 2017
    Gerald Porter, Veteran
  • I'm an international student and I came to USA all the way from South India to San Diego to study in California Miramar University. I really enjoy studying in this university as I am very passionate in doing MBA and this university really encouraged me to motivate me and follow my passion and it also had helped me in learning many other things which are important for my career, apart from my academics. I absolutely recommend this university for all the international students for MBA programs and big thumbs up to all the CMU staff & professors who helped me out from the day 1 till today. I had never seen such a friendly and helpful staff. I highly recommend this university to the students, who plan to do MBA's to choose CMU as the best option. - July 4th 2017
    Anusha Pilli
  • My academic experience at California Miramar University has been fabulous. I studied and graduated with a Masters degree in Business Administration at CMU from 2018 to 2020. I enjoyed the solid education at CMU, the honest and genuine help from all the professors, and the team spirit among all the students. Studying at CMU is like being part of a big family where all the students, the professors, and all the CMU Staff are all focused on seeing the students achieve their academic goals. I recommend studying at CMU to all students who want to pursue a Bachelors, Masters, or PHD degree from CMU. – April 4th 2020
  • Every week, I spend at least 40 hours on the phone with patients suffering from type1 diabetes troubleshooting technical issues on their glucose monitoring devices (CGM). Today, while explaining to a parent why the speed of data reception on her child's continuous glucose monitoring device slew down dramatically, I suddenly realized that a lot of the logic I use to find solutions to those issues progressively builds on the knowledge I learn in my M.I.S classes such as telecommunication systems, Database management, computer applications, servers, and many more. My Java classes are helping me understand the different programming concepts and terminology when I communicate with the company's software developers during our weekly product development meetings. My CPT classes taught me how communication is vital to succeed at work and how to improve my organizational behavior skills. Because I was able, in a short period of time, to use that modest knowledge and therefore offer the best advice to my patients, I was selected as one of the 10 best employees of the month. I am very grateful to all of who helped me directly or indirectly to become a better student. Thank you very much! Radhouane Derouiche CMU-MSCIS Student – March 7th 2021
  • I recently was recruited away from a contract manufacturing firm where I was the Director of manufacturing, to a pharmaceutical firm where I am now the Head of manufacturing.  This new position is itself a promotion with added responsibilities which include contract negations with vendors, production schedule development; hiring, training, promoting, product cost reduction as well as transfer of technology from R&D into manufacturing.  This promotion would have not been possible had I not pursued and received my MBA from California Miramar University. - Nov. 21st 2017
  • CMU is an excellent school with amazing professors and a great faculty! The professors are a great wealth of knowledge and willing to go the extra mile to help. The faculty is always professional, friendly, and resourceful. Completing my MBA in Marketing at CMU was probably one of the best decisions I could have ever made. - Sept. 8th 2017
    Marlith Austin, Military Spouse
  • CMU is a great university!!! I had access to excellent professors. They always make time for you and they are always accessible if you need them for extra help. Yes, coursework can be difficult sometimes, but the professors care about how you are doing in the class and want to ensure that you are absorbing the material. I enjoyed my classes, the teachers were great and the whole experience was a pleasant one from all points of view. - May 30th 2017
    Alina Traistaru
  • My teachers were all smart and had real world experience in the business world. It was invaluable when the professors shared their real world experiences with the class. The course work is intensive, but manageable even with a full time job. I had a very busy schedule as a commercial insurance professional, but I was able to complete all assignments. One of the things I liked the most was the small classroom size and that it is only 1 day per week. If you want to get an MBA without quitting your job, California Miramar University is the best value for it. - May 3rd 2017
    Joe Erle
  • I completed my MBA program, and I am very pleased with the education I received. The professors are always available to help in anyway they can, and with the small class sizes you really get the attention you need. Being a military family, the option to take classes completely online gives me the freedom to know I can continue my education wherever I may move. I loved my experience at California Miramar University. I highly recommend CMU to others hoping to further their education. - May 4th 2017
    Meagan Bartelt
  • CMU's MBA program was perfect for me because it worked with my demanding job as a vice president for a local firm and my personal family needs. CMU understands the pressures of working full time while pursuing a degree, and they make it easy to learn and contribute online with their hybrid structure. The instructors have real-life executive experience which gave us invaluable perspective as well as helped us make valuable contacts in business. - April 28th 2017
    Annette Gregg
  • Thanks for skills and knowledge I gained from CMU! - April 20th 2017
    Sherry Patrice Gadson
  • I cannot express my complete satisfaction with my CMU MBA program experience in words alone. Achieving my MBA at CMU was a lifelong personal goal. The professional relationships I developed and the value of this program were invaluable. The ability to correspond daily with the educators and administration was invaluable. I cannot recommend this institution enough. The best value of higher education in the country, if not the world. - April 24th 2017
    William G Schmidt
  • Enrolling at CMU was the best decision for my career.  The university and professors are amazing; everyone was extremely helpful and always willing to make time for further instruction and understanding.  The online option was exactly what brought me to CMU, I could complete my degree from the east coast, work 40 hours a week, and still have time for my husband and two small children.  I have learned so much from my experience at CMU, applying my coursework to real-life situations, learning more about myself along the way.  I will never forget my experience here at CMU, I simply cannot say enough great things about this university. - April 26th 2017
    Sara Jane Graves
  • California Miramar University has been the best decision of my life and the greatest education investment I could have made! Here at CMU I realized that they treat me like an actual student with a name -  I'm not just another number on a list of students. To be able to be greeted by my first name by all the staff makes me feel loved. Thank you California Miramar University! - May 5th 2017
    Karina Rosas
  • I wish I had a chance to say a proper thank you in person for being such a fantastic professor, you have such enthusiasm and patience, I do not know how you are able to keep it up. Thanks for making me love Human resource Management. Really you are amazing and it is such a pleasure to learn from you. I am most grateful and I wish to take more classes with you. - May 8th 2017
    Rawan Abu-Jerise

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