Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems students acquire professional skills in the areas of computer systems, networks, communications, data analysis, and other skills needed in the field of technology.

Why CMU?

All Master of Science in Computer Information Systems courses are 8 weeks long. Student can choose from the following delivery options:

  • Classroom – Classes meet twice weekly
  • Hybrid – Class meet once per weeks and the rest is online.
  • 100% Online – Coursework can be completed from anywhere in the world. Students must have a computer capability and reliable internet access.

Gain Competencies in the following:

  • To enhance the students’ acquired knowledge on major organizational functions which support computer information systems.
  • To empower the students in becoming proficient in the communication, human relations, and management skills which are critical to successful technology implementation and evaluation.
  • To provide students with an acquired mastery of basic and advanced information systems approaches, methods and techniques, and their applications in a broad variety of organizational settings.
  • To create a constant awareness among students on the ethical issues and the societal impacts of the Information Age.

Required & Elective Courses

Course No.TitleCredit Hours
CIS 6700Java Programming3
TEC 6951Strategic Management and Technology Innovation3
MGT 6170Operations Management3
MIS 6110Management Information Systems3
CIS 5310Information Systems Planning3
ORG 6011Organizational Development and Change3
MIS 6961IT Project Management3
CIS 5520Comparative System Development Methodologies3
CIS 5610Data Modeling and Database Administration3
CIS 5710Network Planning and Administration3
CIS 6190CIS Strategy Capstone3

Choose 2 Elective Courses

Course No.TitleCredit Hours
CIS 5042Data Warehousing and Mining3
CIS 5062Information Systems Security3
CIS 5081Systems Analysis and Design3
TEC 6971Commercialization of Research and Development3
MGT 6981New Product Management3
MGT 6601International Business Management3
MIS 6991Internet Technology and Strategy3
ENT 6431Entrepreneurship3
CIS 6191CIS Career Practical Training3

Master of Science In Computer Information Systems

Education Costs

  • Tuition per Unit: $450
  • Tuition per 3 Unit Course: $1,350
  • Total Program Tuition: $17,550 (39 units)
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