Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The program prepares our graduates to become mid- and upper-level Business Managers and Administrators who can work, lead and direct their organizations with innovative concepts, sound leadership and professional business judgment.

The program prepares students for teamwork, leadership and how to make better business decisions.  The Bachelor’s Degree will also serve as a building block toward the completion of their M.B.A. degree.

Choose Your Area of Emphasis

  • MGT 3626 Supply Chain Management
  • MGT 3826 Managerial Decision Making and Strategy
  • MGT 4126 Project Management
  • MGT 4426 International Business Management
  • MGT 4352 Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
  • BUS 4001 BUS Business Administration Career Practical Training
  • FIN 4301 International Finance
  • ECO 4351 International Economics
  • MGT 4426 International Business Management
  • MKT 4446 International Marketing
  • HRM 4501 International Human Resource Management
  • BUS 4001 INT Business Administration Career Practical Training
  • FIN 4001 Financial Institutions and Markets
  • FIN 4002 Financial Analysis and Valuation
  • FIN 4003 Derivatives Markets
  • FIN 4301 International Finance
  • FIN 4005 Financial Modeling
  • BUS 4001 FIN Business Administration Career Practical Training
  • MKT 4001 Marketing Research
  • MKT 4002 Marketing Communications
  • MKT 4003 Marketing Strategy
  • MKT 4301 Consumer Behavior
  • MKT 4005 Principles of Electronic Marketing
  • BUS 4001 MKT Business Administration Career Practical Training
  • SPM 3526 Facilities & Event Management
  • SPM 3246 Fundraising Concepts
  • SPM 3551 Current Issues in Sports
  • SPM 4346 Media Relations
  • BUS 4990 Internship or SPORTS RELATED ELECTIVE
  • BUS 4001 SPT Business Administration Career Practical Training

Required & Elective Courses

Required General Education Courses

Course No.TitleCredit Hours
ENG 1010English Composition I3
ENG 3010English Composition II3
MTH 1150Algebra3
HIS 1010American History3
PS 1010American Government3
PSY 1010General Psychology3
SOC 1010Intro to Sociology3
ART 1010Art History3
HUM 1010Introduction to Humanities3
LIT 3010American Literature3
PHL 3010Critical Thinking3
BIO 1010Biology3
BIO 1020Environmental Science3

Required Business Core Courses

Course No.TitleCredit Hours
BUS 1010Business Communications3
BUS 1015Computer Essentials3
BUS 1150Business Mathematics3
MKT 1201Principles of Marketing3
ACC 1202Principles of Accounting I3
MGT 1602Principles of Management3
ACC 2302Principles of Accounting II3
MIS 2351Management Information Systems3
BUS 2951Principles of Business3
BUS 3151Business Statistics3
BUS 3210Principles of Business Law3
BUS 3331E-Commerce3
ECO 3401Principles of Macroeconomics3
ECO 3501Principles of Microeconomics3
LED 3665Leadership3
FIN 4310Financial Management3
ORG 4451Organizational Theory and Behavior3
BUS 4751Business Ethics3
MGT 4851Operations Management3

Choose Three General Elective Courses

Course No.TitleCredit Hours
LED 2525Leadership Communication3
BUS 2361Business and Technology3
MGT 2551Inter-cultural Management3
HRM 3302Employee Benefits3
LED 4547Human Relations and Interpersonal Skills3
HRM 4601Staffing Organizations3
HIS 3050World Civilization3

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Education Costs

  • Tuition per Unit: $325
  • Tuition per 3 Unit Course: $975
  • Total Program Tuition: $39,000 (120 units)
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Gainful Employment Statistics

In compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) and the Student Assistance General Provisions CMU has published these statistics showing how the University prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Click here for those statistics for our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program.

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