Marcelo Difini

Learning Management System Director

CMU’s Director of Student Services, Mr. Marcelo Difini has over 10 years of experience in the academic field. He graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. Marcelo completed a 2 year internship during his bachelors at CORSAN Water Treatment Systems, a government company that supplies clean water to the whole state of Rio Grande do Sul, South Brazil. He also lived in Sydney, Australia to improve his English skills before the completion of his bachelor’s degree. Before moving to San Diego, Marcelo worked for 4 years in a Real Estate Company. In 2006, he decided to drastically change his life to enroll in a MBA program. The initial idea was to complete the master’s degree and return to Brazil, but a job at opportunity came his way. Almost 3 years managing an admissions department, working with international students, preparing budgets and working with data and learning management systems, qualified Marcelo to upgrade his career. California Miramar University hired him in October 2011 to be the Director of Student Services where he is directly involved in the tremendous growth that turned CMU into a recognized university, and is considered the fourth top MBA school in San Diego.