The First Women’s Team

The first women’s team was formed in 1895 in Chicago’s West Division High School in the United States. There was no organized or coached competition, and they were not considered comparable to men. They used large, 17-inch softballs without gloves or catcher’s masks. The bases were sand bags set 27 feet apart while the pitching mound was only 22 feet away from home plate.

The women’s game utilized nine players, with two at shortstop and two in the outfield. More of a social sport, women’s teams emerged in the late nineteenth century but did not gain the recognition or fan base of men’s teams.

We are pleased to see that softball is projected to be back as an Olympic sport in Japan in 2020.

Move ahead to 2016 when Cal Miramar is organizing the first softball team for the University. A combination of Varsity, JV and club will be kicking off. The Varsity sports are under the rules and regulations of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) and the JV will be a member of the National Club Softball Association (NCSA). Cal Miramar team will be playing such Universities as UCLA, USC, UC Irvine and many other schools.

Sporting uniforms of Blue, Gold and Maroon the University team in San Diego is the “Fighting Falcons” named after the F-16 fighter jet that was seen in the movie Top Gun. Entering the field of play with the theme song “Danger Zone” sets the excitement of Cal Miramar sports.

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