Provost’s Message

“Empower through Education,

Enlighten via Real-World Application,

Inspire by embracing individualized subjectivity”

We at CMU are striving towards the creation of real and sustainable “Value” for our graduates! We know that education must keep pace with this emerging world. At CMU, we are training learners of all ages to have a safe and secure future that is financially viable. At the beginning of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), we are the next big shift in the way that manufacturing operates, creating the need for flexibility of the social construct of how we live and work. For those of us in the education industry, this means a paradigm shift to create education in a way never seen before. It is beyond the ordinary teaching, textbooks, and homework. As a byproduct of the emerging digital revolution, jobs are no longer stable, locations aren’t permanent, and workers are moving in and out of the workforce. It appears that temporary employees are the way companies will operate in the future. It is no longer about students listening to learn a subject but learning to learn and to adapt their skill sets as needed. Today’s society and especially our target audience no longer need to teach how to use technology but how to work in conjunction with technological entities such as the digital corporation in which man and AI-based machine/systems work hand in hand. By adhering to the latest educational standards, we at CMU ensure that the teaching experience is similar to the working knowledge by creating a homogenous environment for both through the use of technologies and tools that are endemic to the larger future societal ecosystem. CMU’s professors, who are academicians with ample practical and applied experience capable of leveraging our unique industry relationships, enable an Individualized, effective education environment that is second to none.

I would like to invite you to come and grow with us on our campus in beautiful San Diego, a sunny city that is referred to as the second Silicon Valley! San Diego placed first among the U.S. cities for projected tech hiring in 2018 and 2019 annual Robert Half Technology IT Hiring Forecast and Local Trend Report. In the May of this year PC magazine named San Diego the Second high-tech city in the world after Seattle, and yes, San Diego has many advantages such as being one of the nicest smart cities and an ideal place to live and learn — these factors do matter!

Join us in this new academic year and let us empower you for a better and brighter future!

Here to serve you!

Ali A. Gooyabadi, Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer/Provost

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