Virtual Reality Podcast #1

VR Podcast #1 with Guest Todd Brinkman

About Eric Westreich

Media Host, Award Winning Academic, Brand Expert, Business Coach and Entrepreneur.

My passion is solving world problems by helping government, industry, and academia deliver technology faster as a TV host, business consultant, and software developer. I help connect communities, help businesses scale, and help traditional organizations integrate revolutionary technology and innovation.

Proven success in marketing, business development and sales. 13 years of experience in developing and implementing strategy at a national level for a world leading technology company. Comprehensive experience in understanding defense programs, and introducing revolutionary technology in the context of traditional acquisition. Strong leader who pioneered and delivered technical solutions which have become mainstays in military operations. Award winning military and academic background.

Specialties: Business Development & Sales; Marketing; Military Experience; Team Building; Technology Integration; Agile Government Systems Acquisition, Defense Acquisition Program Management

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About Todd Brinkman

Author of the groundbreaking book called Virtual Reality for Main Street. This book teaches readers how to unleash their ability to connect with others with virtual reality. This book highlights how people can connect during times of joy, difficulty, and for personal development.

The mission of this book is to create virtual reality projects around the world. The first of these is underway in North County San Diego. The ‘Go Surfing One More Time’ Campaign is the world’s first virtual reality community project. This project is currently creating virtual reality surfing videos for hospice patients.

Welcome to the beginning of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  A new era of AI (artificial intelligence), robotics, nanotechnology, quantum computers, and a world of five realities.  One of our new realities will help to create an immersive experience where you will feel like you are somewhere else entirely.  Virtual Reality for Main Street explores how we can bring this new reality tool into the world for the good of all of us.

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