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About Eric Westreich

Media Host, Award Winning Academic, Brand Expert, Business Coach and Entrepreneur.

My passion is solving world problems by helping government, industry, and academia deliver technology faster as a TV host, business consultant, and software developer. I help connect communities, help businesses scale, and help traditional organizations integrate revolutionary technology and innovation.

Proven success in marketing, business development and sales. 13 years of experience in developing and implementing strategy at a national level for a world leading technology company. Comprehensive experience in understanding defense programs, and introducing revolutionary technology in the context of traditional acquisition. Strong leader who pioneered and delivered technical solutions which have become mainstays in military operations. Award winning military and academic background.

Specialties: Business Development & Sales; Marketing; Military Experience; Team Building; Technology Integration; Agile Government Systems Acquisition, Defense Acquisition Program Management

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About Dr. Stan Foster

Dr. Stan Foster formed his first business when he was only 14 years old, his first corporation at 20, became a member of Vienna’s International Theatre at 21 and co-wrote and produced his first full length feature film at the age of 24. Two years later he became a member of the prestigious Directors Guild of America (DGA).

Dr. Foster had been fortunate to work on major Hollywood feature films and major television series. His film credits include pictures directed by Steven Spielberg and Danny DeVito to name a few. He was one of the first members of the DGA to utilize digital, nonlinear editing and computerized budgeting and scheduling technology that helped to revolutionize the motion picture and television industries.

In 2002, Dr. Foster formed the American Academy of Arts and became an advisor to Rancho Bernardo High Schools Digital Media program. Dr. Foster integrated Hollywood professionals into the program to mentor his film students with astonishing results. Dr. Foster was invited as a visionary to China by the Beijing Olympic Committee to present ideas of modern digital media education and production techniques. He appeared on China Television before an audience of more than 60 million viewers.

About John Ramirez

Since 2005 – John Ramirez a.k.a. the Director of Awesome has been building brands for some of the biggest companies on earth. But he didn’t stop at brand building. He has spoken to entrepreneurs both on and off stage and is recognized as one of the most dominant sales experts on earth accounting for more than 1 billion dollars in revenue.

John has been entrusted by hundreds of industry leading brands through the years ranging from casinos on the Vegas strip, oil companies in Dubai – to national food chains, lifestyle brands, even boutique hotels on Miami’s South Beach. He has even helped develop strategies for the U.S. Army, the Catholic church, and handled the media operations for 47 national political campaigns.

Statistically speaking – if you’re alive, there is a better than good chance… his handy work has influenced you in some way shape or form. Who better to help make your business – a force to be reckoned with?

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