Chief Information Officer

CMU’s Chief Information Officer, Ms. Farnaz Gorjian, MBA in Information Technology from Tehran University, Iran, has more than 14 years of experience in different positions ranging from system/business analyst to project manager in National as well as International projects. She has held managerial positions in high-tech companies where she has acquired the required critical-thinking skills of making quick decisions in difficult situations. She is a qualified expert in Business Process Modeling as well as in Mega Project Management. Her research interests revolve around the role of service-oriented architecture human interaction in the management of large organizations. She also is a Certified Advanced Pranic Energy Healer which enables her to leverage this knowledge of wellness and energy to create balance in any work environment. She is inherently endowed with a strong interpersonal skill that has been amplified further through her Spiritual Healing Training. She is keen on furthering these capabilities in applied corporate culture research within the larger context of Human Sciences in both physical as well as mental health. She implements a balanced approach in dealing with Human Capitals in any organization towards effective and sustainable human-centric management. The followings are a brief review of her qualifications:

• She ranked first (Summa cum laude) in both her Bachelor and MBA degrees in University of Tehran, Iran.
• She performed her MBA research about “Implementation analysis of modern Service Oriented Architecture approach in public service sector towards the creation of applied guidelines”.
• She has been involved in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementations as an analyst for different enterprise level companies in the Middle East.
• She has held an Executive position in ASHNA professional services group (the largest IT professional services group in the country) for 9 years.

Her Fields of Expertise are Information Technology Systems management, IT business plan and Marketing plan, PMBOK, Design, and analysis of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) using Service Oriented Architecture approach (Especially as a concept in organization structure). She plays a very unique complimentary role within the construct of CMU’s Leadership.

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