Dr. Farnaz Gorjian

Chief Information Officer

CMU’s Chief Information Officer, Dr. Farnaz Gorjian, holding a Doctorate in Business Administration with a specialization in Strategic Business Administration, brings over 18 years of diverse experience to the role. Her professional journey spans various positions, from system and business analyst to project manager on both national and international projects.

Dr. Gorjian has honed her critical-thinking skills and decision-making acumen in high-pressure scenarios through her managerial roles in high-tech companies. She is an expert in Business Process Modeling and excels in managing complex projects, a testament to her aptitude for steering large-scale initiatives. Her research interests delve into the intriguing interplay between service-oriented architecture, digital transformation, and human interaction within large organizations. With a natural affinity for interpersonal communication, Dr. Gorjian has a keen interest in exploring the applications of these skills in corporate culture within the broader context of Human Sciences.

Here are some highlights of her qualifications and achievements:
1.) Expertise in strategic planning for digital transformation and building a robust infrastructure to facilitate sustainable change within organizations.
2.) Experienced in implementing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems as an analyst for enterprise-level companies in the Middle East.
3.) Served as an executive at ASHNA Professional Services Holding Group (the country’s largest IT professional services group) for nine years.
4.) Specializes in Information Technology Systems management, IT business and marketing planning, PMBOK, and the design and analysis of ERP using a Service-Oriented Architecture approach.

Dr. Gorjian’s unique blend of expertise and holistic approach to leadership makes her an invaluable asset to CMU’s leadership team. Her balanced approach to human capital management aligns perfectly with CMU’s commitment to effective and sustainable, human-centric management.