Dr. Chitpasong Vazquez

President / CAO

Dr. Chitpasong Vazquez is a senior executive with more than a decade of experience in education and academic leadership. Dr. Vazquez has held leadership positions at vocational, technical and career-based institutions. Dr. Vazquez has served as the Associate Dean for the School of Business and Computer Science. In addition, she has served as the Dean of Education to oversee various Business, Medical, and Computer Science programs. Dr. Vazquez has experience in education advancements, student relations, education management, compliance, and curriculum development.

Dr. Vazquez holds a Ph.D. in Leadership, and a Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Dr. Vazquez brings over two decades of experience in entrepreneurial leadership, business and management. Dr. Vazquez’s experience includes sales, analytical and technical analysis of data management, leadership consulting, event planning, and developing strategic business partnerships. She has been successful in running degree and certification programs.

Dr. Vazquez is passionate about education and believes in helping students achieve their goals so that they can have a successful career and a brighter future.