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Pacific Coast Athletic Conference

Welcome to Falcons Men’s Basketball 2016-2017 Schedule

Our teams play under the rules and regulations of the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA) and the Pacific Coast Athletic Conference (PCAC). Club and JV teams are under the NCBA and the NSBA.

Our athletes are offered personal attention in the classroom. Classes are selected for each student to insure they stay on track toward receiving a degree. Top instructors and tutors help all our players maintain a GPA that insures eligibility. Special athletic study hall gives the opportunity to stay on track in your academics.

Our Sports Compliance staff insures you are prepared for a season at Cal Miramar. CMU maintains an eligibility center that will monitor your enrollment into the University and insure you have all the paperwork and credentials to play your sport.

             ****Varsity players must maintain a 2.3 GPA to participate in their sport. JV is a 2.0 GPA****

The Men’s team is led by Head Coach Chris Shade. You may call the University to schedule a meeting with Coach Shade. Parents are encouraged to attend.

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2016-17 Men’s Basketball Schedule

November Time Opponent
29 7:00 PM  Northern New Mexico vs. CMU
5 7:00 PM Norte Dame de Namur vs. CMU
12 7:00 PM Pacific Union vs. CMU
17 7:00 PM Utah Westminster College Tournament Westminster vs. CMU
18 5:00 PM Utah Westminster College Tournament CMU vs. Bristol
19 4:00 PM  Utah Westminster College Tournament Eastern Oregon vs. CMU
December Time Opponent
3 3:00 PM Occidental vs. CMU
10 7:00 PM Cal State Dominguez vs. CMU
30 5:30 PM Life Pacific vs. Embry Riddle vs. CMU
31 3:00 PM CMU vs. Occidental
January Time Opponent
2 7:00 PM CMU vs. Bethesda-PCAC
5 7:00 PM CMU vs. Life Pacific-PCAC
7 6:00 PM CMU vs. West Coast Baptist-PCAC
12 6:00 PM CMU vs. New Hope-PCAC
15 3:00 PM CMU vs. Portland Bible-PCAC
21 6:00 PM Future vs. CMU-PCAC
25 7:00 PM Bethesda vs. CMU-PCAC
28 6:00 PM CMU vs. Santa Cruz
February Time Opponent
2 6:00 PM West Coast Baptist vs. CMU-PCAC
4 6:00 PM Portland Bible vs. CMU-PCAC
5 6:00 PM New Hope vs. CMU-PCAC
8 6:00 PM CMU vs. Future-PCAC
13 6:00 PM CMU vs. Life Pacific-PCAC
16-18 TBA PCAC Tournament CMU vs. PCAC
22 2:00 PM Santa Cruz vs. CMU

Men’s Roster

Name Ht. Hometown
1.       Joshua Shade 6’0 Hesperia, CA
2.       Dayrus Dale 6’0 Cincinnati, OH
3.       Derrick Davis 6’3 San Diego, CA
4.       Cody Ryman 6’1 Fontana, CA
5.       Harvest Smith 6’7 Fontana, CA
6.       AJ Mathis 6’5 Hesperia, CA
7.        Tommy Le’Garde 6’0 Moreno Valley. CA
8.       Sondale Conner 6’7 Chicago, IL
9.       Torino Stamps 6’3 Fresno, CA
10.   Christian Mora 6’1 La Puente, CA
11.   Steven Adams 6’10 Pasadena, CA
12.   Jishauwn Randle 6’4 Oakland, CA
13.   Deshaun Clophia 6’1 Hesperia, CA
14.   Devin McDonough 6’3 Victorville, CA
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