Master of Science in Strategic Leadership

Why CMU?

An MSSL degree focuses on the theories and practices of leadership. The curriculum is similar to the MBA. The major difference is that the MBA requires quantitative courses, such as economics and accounting, whereas the Master of Science in Strategic Leadership emphasizes leadership courses, such as coaching & mentoring, negotiation/deal making. Master of Science in Strategic Leadership students learn skills that are applicable to all industries.

The MSSL at CMU requires a total of 13 courses, equivalent to 39 units.

Gain Competencies in the following

  • Build your strategic leadership competencies
  • Lead your organization to greater effectiveness and success
  • Develop your philosophy of leadership
  • Learn methods to analyze and think strategically
  • Negotiation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Coaching

Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the MSSL program should be able to:

MSSL PLO #1:  Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of theories, concepts and global perspectives covered in the course works with real world applications of strategic leadership.

MSSL PLO #2:  Perform a factual and application oriented literature review applying critical thinking and problem-solving techniques in cases and articles.

MSSL PLO #3:  Demonstrate both oral and written communication skills in an organizational and academic manner.

MSSL PLO #4:  Develop, analyze and implement leadership expectations of strategic planning based on solid organized data with application.

Required Core Courses & Educational Costs

Course No.TitleCredit Hours
MIS 6110Management Information Systems3
LED 5531Leadership Theories and Concepts3
LED 5541Leader and the Leadership Process3
LED 5545Leadership in Organizations3
BUS 5581Coaching and Mentoring3
ORG 6130Organizational Behavior3
ENT 6431Entrepreneurship3
HRM 6180Human Resource Management3
LED 6851Conflict Resolution3
LED 6900Negotiation/Deal Making3
LED 6910Team and Group Dynamics3
LED 6920Change Management3
BUS 6190Strategic Management Capstone 3

Education Costs

  • Tuition per Unit: $585
  • Tuition per 3 Unit Course: $1,755
  • Total Program Tuition: $22,815 (39 units)


In compliance with the Higher Education Act of 1965 (HEA) and the Student Assistance General Provisions CMU has published these statistics showing how the University prepares students for gainful employment in a recognized occupation. Click here for those statistics for our Master of Science in Strategic Leadership degree program.

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