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Master of Business Administration: Technology Management –
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A Master of Business Administration degree is a versatile graduate degree focusing on business principles and enables you to compete for corporate-level managerial leadership positions in multiple industries. Your schedule shouldn’t keep you from achieving your goal of obtaining your MBA degree. Which is why CMU offers affordable and flexible online MBA degree programs for working professionals, parents and other individuals, like you- seeking to advance their career while balancing work and home.

Our online MBA degree program enables you to further develop the skills, knowledge and theories obtained in your undergraduate degree program and the workplace to confidently formulate and implement strategies in a competitive environment.

CMU’s MBA in Technology Management emphasizes IT Project Management and Strategy, ideal for professionals eager to gain knowledge in how technology can solve business challenges. Take 4 courses:

TEC 6951: Strategic Management of Technology and Innovation (3 credits)

Focuses on the organization and management of innovation in the workplace. Topics include: types and patterns of innovation, collaboration strategies, formulating technological innovation strategy, and defining and implementing the organization’s strategic direction.This course will teach students to appreciate the importance of personal creativity and social interaction for the development and implementation of new ideas, services, products and processes.

MIS 6961: IT Project Management (3 credit hours)

Covers the fundamental project management principles for managing the software development life-cycle and process models. Topics include: process metrics, software project planning, monitoring and scheduling mechanisms, budget estimates, risk assessment, and motivation and team building.

MGT 6981: New Product Management (3 credit hours)

Defines “products” in their most general sense and focuses on the important elements of service associated with them. This course is instructed in the perspective of the senior-level general manager with primary responsibility for managing this process. Also, examines the management tasks of executives at middle functional levels, as well as the and overall general management of new product development.

MIS 6991: Internet Technology and Strategy (3 credit hours)

This course analyzes the components and strategies involved in using the internet as a tool for generating revenue and competitive advantage. Explores the basic components of an internet site and moves onto a discussion of business models and value configurations. The course closes with a discussion of applied concepts and tools designed to support the needs of an internet-based startup.

BUS 6001 TEC: Business Administration Career Practical Training (1 credit hour or 3 credit hours)

This course is an elective externship course. This course of 3 semester units requires 135 hours of externship in the eight-week session. This course may be repeated, however, only the first 3 semester credits count toward the required 39 semester units required for graduation. The course is designed to give the student practical On-The-Job experience in the directed area of Business Administration. The course presents an opportunity for student to apply and practice their knowledge and skills they have learned in their degree program and further develop their passion for their chosen industry in a real-world setting. Repeatable. In BUS 6002 or BUS 6003 (1 credit hour).


Course No. Title Credit Hours
MIS 6110 Management Information Systems 3
MKT 6120 Marketing Management 3
ORG 6011 Organizational Development and Change 3
ACC 6140 Managerial Accounting 3
ECO 6150 Managerial Economics 3
FIN 6160 Managerial Finance 3
MGT 6170 Operations Management 3
HRM 6180 Human Resource Management 3
BUS 6190 Strategic Management Capstone 3

All Prerequisite Courses are one unit each. These courses may be waived if completed at the undergraduate level with a grade of a “B” or higher.

Course No. Title Credit Hours
ACC 1202 Principles of Accouting 3
ECO 2501 Principles of Microeconomics 3
FIN 4310 Financial Management 3

Education Costs

  • Tuition per Unit: $585
  • Tuition per 3 Unit Course: $1,755
  • Total Program Tuition: $22,815 (39 units)

MBA Degree Capstone

CMU’s BUS 6190 Strategic Management Capstone is designed to teach strategic planning and decision making in order to craft a corporate strategy. Students will learn how to develop mission statements, and assess both the external and internal environments in order to determine organizational strengths and weaknesses for entrepreneurial ventures, businesses of all sizes, and not-for-profit organizations.

CMU offers all prerequisite courses in an accelerated manner. Students that don’t have the undergraduate background in accounting, finance, marketing, economics, and management, may be required to take prerequisite courses in preparation for the corresponding core course. Contact admissions for details about accelerated prerequisite courses.

The MBA at CMU requires a total of 13 courses, equivalent to 39 units.

Graduates of the MBA program should be able to:

MBA PLO #1:  Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of theories and concepts of business administration.

MBA PLO #1A: Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of theories and concepts:  covered in the general core subject matters.

MBA PLO: #1B: Demonstrate comprehensive knowledge of theories and concepts:  covered in concentration areas with work related applications of business administration.

MBA PLO #2:   Perform a factual and application oriented literature review applying critical thinking and problem-solving techniques to understand various possible outcomes.

MBA PLO #3:  Demonstrate both oral and written communication skills in a business and academic manner.

MBA PLO #4:  Develop, analyze and implement an operational strategic plan based on solid organized data with a business application.

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