International Student and CMU Alumni, Anusha, Finds Her Success in San Francisco

International Student and CMU Alumni, Anusha, Finds Her Success in San Francisco

I was very excited to graduate from California Miramar University with an MBA in marketing. I am so proud to have graduated from the university, located in the United States of America, as I am an International Student. I am very happy and proud because not only did I graduate with good grades but I became popular around the university, and I was invited to author a blog post for CMU website I also worked with the university for marketing activities and became a member of the student association. Looking back, I can honestly say that my studies at California Miramar University were very successful.

2017 has been an unforgettable year in my life. I graduated from CMU and finally stepped into the real world for job hunting. I did not find it difficult to find a job in my field of study as I have always been very confident about myself. CMU staff member Joel Yi really helped me out in preparing me for the job, like how to face an interview, communicate with the people, and identify my hidden talents and skills. Joel helped me out from very small simple tips to big complicated ones. For instance, he helped me prepare my resume, how to dress for an interview, and how to face an interview with the manager/director of the company. I wasn’t scared or nervous when I went for the interviews.

After I graduated, I decided to move from San Diego to the San Francisco Bay Area as there are lot of job opportunities in my field. Additionally, I am from the bay area of southern India, in the city of Vizag, Andhra Pradesh, so I feel the Bay Area is similar to hometown in India. It was very difficult to leave San Diego where I had studied and learned a lot of things in my student life of America. San Diego is like my second home. I miss San Diego, even today. It’s a beautiful city known for its weather and it is America’s finest city.

I had started attending couple of interviews but nothing really worked out in the start of my search, as there is huge competition with other local candidates. I did not give up on my job search. Feeling discouraged, so I spoke to my dad, who is not only my dad but my best advisor, he said, “Just follow your passion and dreams. I trust you.” These words really motivated me and I didn’t give up.

Since my origin is Indian, people usually think Indians are only capable of doing IT ( software jobs) and are not knowledgeable in any other fields. It’s discouraging to hear and I feel it’s a misunderstanding. However, my passion towards marketing helped me to not give up my dreams. I was still in search of jobs and attending interviews. I had several offers, but I declined as the companies did not have opportunities for growth. I was looking for a job with a company that offered growth and values each individual employee’s contributions. The workplace should have viable business plan so that I know I am helping the company succeed in both the short and long-term goals.

After a long search, I have been placed in the company that I was looking for in the city of San Francisco. I am now working as the Marketing Administrator for Simon Company at San Francisco Premium Outlets.

I am very happy and I think that this is my blessing from God and all my hard work has paid off. I am proud to be working in digital marketing and administrative work in my office. Even though my job is in the San Francisco Premium Outlets, it is far from a mall job. My position requires in depth knowledge and responsibility. The best thing about my job is that I am working with directors of the company. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Moreover, I am very proud to work in this company and I really love this job. I really mean it. Today I am happy; I am in a good position in my chosen field of study and I really thank my parents and my university who believed me and helped me to succeed. I can say to my fellow students or to any new students at CMU,” Believe in yourself and have self-confidence. This will help you to succeed.” CMU is like my second home after I left my home sweet home in India because every staff member of CMU had help me to become successful.

I have plans to do DBA in marketing in the future, which will help me to add skills to my profile and I prefer to study at this California Miramar University only. I recommend CMU for students who are passionate in their fields.

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