CMU is Working to Fight the Covid-19 Virus Spread

CMU Courses Will Continue Without Interruption Due to Our Strong Online Technology Infrastructure

All CMU courses that normally meet in person, (hybrid courses), have been moved to distance/online for the safety of our students and faculty. Because of CMU’s experience with distance/online learning and our online technology infrastructure, we will have no interruption in classes or learning for our students. All of our students will be using our Online Learning Management System for every course until further notice. Students will not be required to attend class on campus until further notice. However, students will be required to log into a live zoom lecture during your regularly scheduled class time. To do this, students will simply need to go to each weekly session and click on Zoom, click on the green button, “ join the meeting.” Students are also required to log into your course several times during the week, via Moodle, to engage with faculty and peers, and upload assignments. All Students need to engage in your online course to ensure you are marked present. As always, contact us at (858) 653-3000 in the event you have questions or concerns.


CMU Staff Are Available & Working Remotely:

“COVID-19 CMU Campus Closure – During this mandatory work-from-home period, please be assured CMU staff and faculty are monitoring emails, the student management system, Moodle, and the phone system. We are here to provide you with continued high-quality service. It is important to log into Moodle, complete your studies, and communicate with your faculty. Attendance in your on-line/distance courses will continue to be monitored and recorded to meet all attendance regulations, including SEVIS. Do not hesitate to contact us. Stay safe, and thank you for your support.”


Graduation News

The March 19th CMU Graduation has been canceled due to the restrictions on the size of gatherings during this Covid-19 crisis. We will be rescheduling Graduation as soon as it is safe to hold this event. Please watch for future rescheduling announcements.

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