Falcons Win 3 In a Row

Falcons Win 3 In a Row


Falcons Win 3 In a Row

Montebello, California – January 15, 2017– The California Miramar Falcons have won 3 games in row. They are now 3-18 for the season. Their latest victory was over Portland Bible College (69-67).

It was a close game that came down to the buzzer beater by AJ Mathis who also led the team in scoring. Mathis hit the game winning shot with 4.5 seconds left on the clock. He made it with help from center Steve Adams who provided a textbook perfect screen.

Coach Chris Shade was happy about the win saying, “I’m happy my boys are finally playing like a family and it’s showing with our victories this week.”

The Falcons are showing promise but Shade is cautious to let a few wins go to the team’s head. “We still need to get stronger on defense and get more rebounds. Tonight we celebrate; tomorrow we are back on defensive drills.”

These wins have brought more recognition to the Falcons. Coach Shade won coach of the week for the PCAC league and AJ Mathis is player of the week.

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