Earth Day 2019

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Earth Day 2019

April 27

Students will be celebrating Earth Day April 27, 2019 by cleaning up the San Diego River in the Mission Valley Area!

California Miramar University teamed up with ‘The Clean & Green River Clean-up’ to help clean up the Mission Valley Area of the San Diego River to celebrate Earth Day! CMU students, please bring your classmates friends and family because it will be fun and rewarding for the whole family. Lunch will be held after the clean up. Please wear pants and closed toed shoes. Because the activity is from 9:00am – 12:00pm, it is a good idea to arrive at 8:45am.

Event Description:
The Clean & Green River Cleanup will be on Saturday, April 27th from 9am-12pm at Mission Valley Preserve.

Each year, San Diego River Park Foundation volunteers remove more than 200,000 pounds of trash from our River. Without our amazing volunteers, this trash would remain to pollute native animal habitats, create unsightly piles in our parks and public spaces, leach contaminants into the water, and could be washed out in to our ocean and beaches!


The NEAREST address for the meeting location is 2508 Hotel Circle Place. Please note that this is an approximate address. This address is referencing the Presidio Little League Sefton Baseball Fields which are directly east of the event meeting location. The meeting location is located at Cottonwood Grove in Mission Valley Preserve. To get there, enter through Sefton Baseball Fields, drive down the dirt road on the right hand side of the fields and follow the road to the west end. Park along the fence at the west end of the ball fields. Please be vigilant of bicyclists that may be using the nearby bike path. Once parked, walk west along the bike path a short distance into the preserve; we’ll be set up just inside.

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