Eligibility Center

Athletic Compliance and Eligibility

Our Eligibility Coordinator (EC) helps the student-athlete complete the process to participate in sports and continuous monitoring for compliance. The EC is responsible for collecting all paperwork and monitor all compliance regulations with the various associations and conferences the University is a member of. The University is a member of the Pacific Collegiate Athletic Conference (PCAC), National Club Baseball Association (NCBA) and the National Club Softball Association (NCSA). The University has chosen to be a member of the Adidas family.

Eligibility Time Line

An athlete has five-calendar years in which to play four seasons of competition. Your five-year clock starts when you enroll as a full-time student at any college. Thereafter, your clock continues, even if you spend an academic year in residence as a result of transferring; deciding to red shirt, if you did not attend school for a period of time or even if you go part-time during your college career.


Varsity athletes must maintain a 2.3 GPA to remain eligible. JV and club players must maintain a 2.0.

Class Enrollment

All student athletes must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits per semester to remain eligible for play. If you fall below the mandatory minimums you may face suspension from the team.

Athlete Transfer Eligibility Form

Student-athletes that are transferring from another college or university a Transfer Eligibility Form is sent to your previous athletic department. The college/university you are transferring from verifies how many years of eligibility you used, were you on academic probation and do you owe any money to that college/university.

Medical Insurance

Student Athletes must maintain medical insurance to participate in sports. A copy of your card must be on file. Waiver of Liability: Must be signed that states a student athlete is responsible for all medical expenses above their medical insurance.

Medical Physical & Self Disclosure

Up to date physical must be maintained to participate in sports. No physical can be more than 12 months old. A Self Disclosure form of your medical history and any medications you are presently taking is part of the process.

Drug Testing Agreement

All student athletes must sign and comply with the drug policies of the University. Student-athletes may be random drug tested at any time.

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