Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr. McCready has over 40 years of experience in Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation (RDT&E) along with successful product implementation. As Dean of Academic Affairs for California Miramar University (CMU), he brings a unique coupling of theoretical knowledge with the four decades of practical, real-world experience to ensure students receive a strong foundation in both areas. Under his direction, the Academic Programs at CMU use faculty who are rich in practical work experience who then reinforce this dualistic, educational approach. This approach results in students who are prepared for their chosen career fields and at the same time increases their competitive position for the job market.


– Walden University – Doctor of Philosophy in Natural Language Processing to Enhance Decision-Making Frameworks
– Rennselaer Polytechnical Institute – Master of Science Degree in Operations Research
– Northeastern University – Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering


* Key role in the startup of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).
* Founding member of the DHS Science & Technology Directorate.
* Identified national-level solutions to physical and cyber-based Critical Infrastructure / Key Resource vulnerabilities.
* Developed enterprise-wide solutions for the actualization of mobile technology.
* Created and implemented technology and procedural solutions that improve Arctic communications reliability and performance.
* Two Patents on structure-borne vibration analysis and suppression.
* Managed over $500M in equipment acquisitions.
* Lectured at Queen’s College, Oxford-UK and presently an Instructor at several Universities Teaching Counter-Terrorism, Computer & Information Systems, and Network Security
* Cyber-security Specialist focused on Enterprise-level System Security Plans, Policies, and Analyses.

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