Chief Operating Officer

CMU’s Chief Operating Officer, Ms. Jean Foster has dedicated her whole career for the effective education of the adult population. She began working for the San Diego Department of Education when she was a senior in high school. After relocating to Los Angeles, Jean began working at a private California Law School where she was instrumental for creating the required educational infrastructure. She then went on to become the Chief Operating Officer(COO) and a major stockholder of another California State Bar approved private Law School and held that position for over five years.

Jean joined the Parent Research Institute for Drug Education (PRIDE) of Saint Tammany Parish, Louisiana, as their operations manager. Jean held that position for several years until she and her family relocated to San Diego and cofounded California Miramar University.

Jean has been the foundation on which CMU was built upon and continues to operate the university in a pristine manner. She has held the position of Secretary, Board Member and major stockholder of the corporation and Chief Operating Officer of the University since its inception in 2005. She is both a visionary and the moral compass for the entire organization. Under her steady leadership and ethical guidance, the University gained multiple accreditations and key approvals by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, The United States Department of Education, The Department of Homeland Security’s Student Exchange and Visa Program and the Department of Defense.

In 2012 Jean formed CMU’s Military Education Unit employing military spouses to head the initiative. Under Ms. Foster’s leadership and vision, the University received two grants from the Frank M. and Gertrude L. Doyle Foundation to provide full academic scholarships for accredited certificate training programs for active duty and transitioning military members and their families. Ms. Foster is the main reason, we at CMU, are so much liked by our students, faculty, staff and Alumni alike while able to offer world-class applied higher education to our target customers at prices no other institute can match.

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