CMU International Student discovers potential thanks to Student Ambassador Program

CMU International Student discovers potential thanks to Student Ambassador Program

Anusha’s Journey As A Student Ambassador

I started off my journey from hairbrush to nail polish, packing my stuff in two bags of 23kg each. I flew from India to San Diego City, California to study MBA in Marketing from California Miramar University. I was very excited to land in the city where my dreams would be fulfilled. I was anxious the day that I came to CMU as an international student, but I received a warm welcome from my peers that made me feel comfortable. I quickly made friends at CMU and it wasn’t long before I started my classes.

I have a background in communications and I am pursuing my Masters of Business Administration in Marketing. I believe that obtaining my MBA will help me build a better career. I am passionately studying the subject of product marketing. It is a common belief that marketing is just the selling of products. Thanks to CMU, I have learned that Marketing is so much more than that. Marketing involves target market segments, detailed product promotion, efficient distribution channels and the full understanding of outbound marketing.

As an International Student, I am proud to have been selected as a Student Ambassador for California Miramar University; The privilege is humbling.  There is great responsibility involved with the Student Ambassador program. I have been challenged to prove my leadership skills and work ethic by mentoring incoming students, both domestic and international, and attending campus events, such as Orientation.

My role as a Student Ambassador has been an important and wonderful learning experience for me as a Marketing student. I am developing stronger communication skills with my peers. This skill will benefit me greatly in my career as a marketing professional.

As my confidence increases, I am motivated to work harder to become a successful student at CMU. Coming to a new country with a different set of cultural norms and diverse backgrounds was intimidating, and challenges me every day. All of this to say, success doesn’t just come knocking on your door. In the land of opportunity, you need to embrace every challenge as an opportunity, and you will earn your own success.

I am very thankful for California Miramar University selecting me as a Student Ambassador because it will continue to help me grow and learn as a student and as a future professional. I now appreciate the potential leader in myself and in everyone around me.

What is a Student Ambassador?

Anushas’ role as a Student Ambassador currently revolves around 3 duties and 1 future duty when CMU expands. The duties are as follows:

  1. Orientation – Ambassadors serve as orientation group leaders. It is a fun time to help new students get orientated with the CMU community and share the excitement for the university.
  2. Acting as an information kiosk:
    1. Welcoming students at registration and new student orientation
    2. Helping fellow students navigate Moodle
    3. Helping fellow students w/ online resources
    4. Helping fellow students get familiar with San Diego
  3. School events – ambassadors will have the opportunity to enjoy school events while working the event.
  4. Organize campus tours for new students.
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