CMU Early History

CMU Early History

California Miramar University was founded in early 2005. Later that year the University purchased the California State Approval asset of another school, Pacific Western University – California, which was located in Los Angeles.   This State Approval saved CMU several years in its process of accreditation.

As part of the asset purchase agreement a transition plan was put into effect. The plan called for PWU- California to complete the following milestones: 1) teach out all of their active students; 2) after the teach out, to transfer their California State Approval to California Miramar University; and 3) Pacific Western University –California was required to permanently cease all operations. This transition took place over an 18 month period.

In 2007, the State Approved California Miramar University filed for national accreditation with the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and later with the Accrediting Council of Independent Colleges and Schools (ACICS).

As part of the process the accreditation agencies confirmed that PWU-California had permanently ceased all operations and that CMU and PWU- California were separate institutions with separate curriculum, educational standards and educational quality. CMU was granted accreditation by both accrediting agencies.

PWU Alumni Records Information:

Accreditation further stipulated that graduates of Pacific Western University (California) could not call themselves CMU alumni and they were not eligible to receive transcripts or diplomas in the name of California Miramar University.

Pacific Western University – California graduates can request official documents including degree verifications, official transcripts and replacement diplomas from Education Services. Pacific Western University Alumni who contact CMU seeking records information or Pacific Western University official documents will be forwarded on to Education Services at the address below.


11835 Carmel Mountain Road
Suite 1304-122
San Diego, CA 92128
Phone: 858-705-3865
Fax: 858-366-9299

Email: [email protected]

Point of Clarification

Confusion regarding the various Pacific Western University programs that operated in California, Louisiana and Hawaii has led to several notable individuals who were graduates of Pacific Western University schools, being listed as alumni of CMU. Alumni who earned their degrees at any of the three separate Pacific Western University institutions are not alumni of California Miramar University.

Education Services, who has been the official custodian of records for Pacific Western University – Hawaii and Pacific Western University – Louisiana for many years and recently became the custodian of the records of Pacific Western University – California , states that Earl Ofari Hutchinson, Bingu wa Mutharika, Eddie Shell and Romulus F. Whitaker were graduates of Pacific Western University – California. Other alumni that had been listed as PWU California alumni were alumni of other Pacific Western University institutions operating under the laws and educational standards of Hawaii and Louisiana.

Education Services confirms that David Reardon, Jun Tang, Dan Voiculescu, Yi Lee and Arizona Professors David Bishop and David Iadevaia were alumni of Pacific Western University – Hawaii. They state that Barry McSweeny was an alumnus of Pacific Western University – Louisiana and that former Australian Judge Marcus Einfield was not an alumnus of any Pacific Western University program.

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