The Best of Both Worlds: 5 Fun and Fascinating Hybrids

The Best of Both Worlds: 5 Fun and Fascinating Hybrids

Hybrids are all around us, some made by humans and some by nature. Let’s take a closer look at five hybrids that all have one thing in common – each takes the best elements of two worlds and optimizes them for one great outcome!

LabradoodleLabradoodle: The First Designer Dog
This friendly and affectionate pooch, with its curly Poodle fur and athletic Labrador body, holds the noteworthy distinction of being the first designer dog. Labradoodles were bred to combine the shed-free fur of a Poodle with the guide dog abilities of a Labrador into a hypoallergenic service dog. In the process, they launched a trend that led to more than 600 designer breeds, including Morkies, Cockapoos, and Chiweenies. Want more fun facts about designer dogs? Check out this colorful graphic from TIME.

Crazy for CronutsCronut
Visitors to New York City have gone crazy for cronuts ever since the croissant-donut was launched in 2013. This mouth-watering pastry combines the round shape and deep-fried dough of a donut with the light, flaky layers of a croissant. News of its creation spread nearly overnight, and since only 300 cronuts are made each day, foodies lined up to buy them. Some have even camped overnight outside the bakery or paid scalpers $100 for a $5 pastry. Adding to the appeal is the fact that new and unique flavors of cronuts are released each month. This month’s flavor is the autumn-appropriate Pumpkin Chai with maple sugar.

ZonkeyDazzling Zebroids
A group of zebras is often called a dazzle, which also serves as an appropriate name for the zebra’s half-equine offspring. The zebroid’s hardy body takes after its equine parent, but the zebra’s eye-catching stripes run along its back and legs. The wide variety of zebroids has led to a dazzling herd of names, including zorses, zonies, zebonkeys, zebrulas, and zebadonks. Zorses, in particular, have claimed the spotlight through their appearances in movies and literature such as the 2005 film Racing Stripes and George R.R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series.


Saving the Earth One Car at a Time: Toyota PriusPrius
Do you want to help the environment? Then drive a non-polluting, eco-friendly hybrid. The hybrid vehicle has become fastest growing division of the auto industry for just this reason, and along the way, they’ve become a symbol of political awareness too. Hybrid cars have been around for years – Ferdinand Porsche actually introduced the first hybrid electric vehicle in 1900 – but recently, they’ve become wildly popular. The Toyota Prius (holding the claim to fame of first mass-produced gasoline-electric car) has been a particular favorite with patriotic progressives desiring to promote a self-image of political correctness and environmental awareness.

ExtremelyHappyHybridConvenient Classrooms: CAL.M.U.’s Hybrid MBA Degree
This hybrid doesn’t have four wheels, but it will help you get where you’re going! CAL.M.U.’s hybrid MBA and hybrid MSSL degrees are unique blends of online and classroom learning, developed to provide options for students with busy work schedules and important family commitments. CAL.M.U. offers an evening Hybrid Master in Business Administration (MBA) and Hybrid Masters of Science in Strategic Leadership (MSSL) program. Classes meet just one night per week and the rest is online. Class meets on the San Diego campus at 9750 Miramar Road. There is free student parking for all cars! Learn more about CAL.M.U.’s hybrid MBA degree here.

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