Bachelor of Science in Business Administration – International Business

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration: International Business

FIN 4301: International Finance (Prerequisites: FIN 4310 or equivalent) (3 credits)

This course describes international financial instruments and their role in providing a cohesive financial integrated market.It investigates arbitrage transactions and how they bind together distinguishable financial instruments to play key roles in financial contracts. This course also explores the finance methodologies of multinational corporations, foreign exchange and bankers’ acceptances.

ECO 4351: International Economics (3 credit hours)

The course offers the analysis of contemporary topics in international economics such as: international trade and finance, open market macroeconomics, trade blocks, labor migration, international balance of payments, the determination of foreign exchange rates, and capital flows resulting from the operations of multinational firms.

MGT 4426: International Management (3 credit hours)

This course will examine the role of the multinational enterprise, emerging trends and issues related to international management.Discussion will include various methods of managing entrepreneurial organizations in the domestic market with international marketing capabilities, managing a new and/or small venture in a non-domestic market, and developing alliances trans-nationally to facilitate international growth.

MKT 4446: International Marketing (3 credit hours)

This course will equip the student with an appreciation of the idiosyncrasies involved in the planning and implementation of marketing, cultural differences, country attractiveness, licensing, and mix marketing strategies.Assists in the development of market assessment at the international level, and problem-solving skills related to topics of global business.

HRM 4501: International Human Resource Management (3 credit hours)

Focuses on functions such as compensation, benefits, training, recruitment and selection, health and safety, career development, labor relations, job requirements and employee rights.Attention is directed to both the expatriate and the foreign manager as part of the multinational’s responsibilities in effectively managing human resources around the world.

BUS 4001: Business Administration Career Practical Training (3 credit hours)

This course is an elective externship course.


Required General Education Courses

Course No. Title Credit Hours
ENG 1010 English Composition I 3
ENG 2010 English Composition II (Prerequisite: ENG 1010 or equivalent) 3
MTH 1150 Algebra 3
HIS 1010 American History 3
PS 1010 American Government 3
PSY 1010 General Psychology 3
SOC 1010 Introduction to Sociology 3
HUM 1010 Introduction to Humanities 3
ART 1010 Art History 3
LIT 3010 American Literature 3
PHL 3010 Critical Thinking 3
BIO 1020 Environmental Science 3

Required Business Core Courses

Course No. Title Credit Hours
BUS 1010 Business Communications 3
BUS 1015 Computer Essentials: Digital & Virtual Environment 3
MKT 1201 Principles of Marketing 3
ACC 1202 Principles of Accounting I (Prerequisite: Basic College Math, BUS 1150 or equivalent) 3
MGT 1602 Principles of Management 3
ACC 2302 Principles of Accounting II (Prerequisites: ACC 1202 or equivalent) 3
MIS 2351 Management Information Systems (Prerequisite: BUS 1015 or equivalent) 3
BUS 2951 Principles of Business 3
BUS 3151 Business Statistics 3
BUS 3210 Principles of Business Law 3
BUS 3331 E-Commerce 3
ECO 2401 Principles of Macroeconomics (Prerequisite: MTH 1150 or equivalent) 3
ECO 2501 ECO 2501 Principles of Microeconomics (Prerequisites: MTH 1150 or equivalent) 3
LED 3665 Leadership 3
FIN 4310 Financial Management (Prerequisite: Basic College Math, MTH 1150, ACC 1202 or equivalent) 3
ORG 4451 Organizational Theory and Behavior 3
BUS 4751 Business Ethics 3
MGT 4851 Operations Management 3

General Elective Courses

Course No. Title Credit Hours
BUS 4001 Business Administration Career Practical Training 3
BUS 4002 Business Administration Career Practical Training (Extension) 1-3

Education Costs

  • Tuition per Unit: $406
  • Tuition per 3 Unit Course: $1,218
  • Total Program Tuition: $48,720 (120 units)

Graduates of the BSBA program should be able to:

BSBA PLO #1:  Formulate advanced knowledge of business related topics through the composition of assignments that incorporate practical application of concepts.

BSBA PLO #2:  Compose assignments that demonstrate an understanding of electronic scholarly resources through a synthesis of business related topics.

BSBA PLO #3: Assess business resource requirements and processes through evidence based decision making.

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