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No matter what type of MBA course you are in – be it on-campus, hybrid or online MBA programs – these resources are a great way to explore, connect and navigate everything MBA-related. If you have any other resources that you would like to share, please do!

1. Entrepreneur Magazine: Whether you subscribe to the magazine or simply visit their website, Entrepreneur Magazine is a vast source of knowledge on insight into the business world. With articles covering myriad business-related issues on everything from advice for start-ups and social media tips for business to analyzing new developments and how to run a successful company, reading Entrepreneur is a great way to expand your knowledge base because a lot of relevant and important information is covered in a very readable way.

2. Brazen Careerist: This is a great online career management website that helps connect both students and young professionals. They have an extensive jobs database and you can talk with live job recruiters to explore your options and find a career that you truly want. It’s also great for networking and establishing relationships with other students and young professionals, which could prove very valuable down the road.

3. MindMeister: Okay this is an app, but it’s perfect for on-campus, Hybrid MBA and online MBA students alike. With so much information floating around, it is easy to become disorganized and forget about important tasks. This app boils down to mind mapping: you add ideas, information, things you need to do, etc. and intuitively map them in the app. This way you can keep your thoughts and responsibilities mapped in a very innovative flowchart style.

4. Bloomberg Business Week Forum: There’s no better place to connect with other MBA students and graduates than in this forum. Ask any questions you might have and give your input on different topics to expand your knowledge base and converse with other like-minded individuals. You will also learn a lot from simply wandering around the forum and reading random topics.

5. MBAPrograms.org:With relevant business MBA news and articles to a very handy career guide and in-depth analyses on MBA degrees, this website is a well-rounded look into the entire MBA world.